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Rua Doutor Carlos Pires Felgueiras 98 - 4F, Cidade da Maia, 4470-146 Maia

who is who

We are a communication consultancy with integrated marketing and design solutions.


Tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena.

Attitude for attitude, better the noblest, the tallest and the calmest. Pose by pose, the pose of being what I am. No challenges to the plebs, no pinwheels for the laughter or anger of inferiors. Superiority doesn’t masquerade as a clown; it is one of renunciation and silence that one dresses.

We do!

Style does not even remotely correspond to a simple cult of form, but, far from it, to a particular conception of art and, more generally, to a particular conception of life.



We find solutions and create strategies to catapult your business. The market is full of agencies, all very similar to each other. Some more traditional, others more digital and they say they do everything, as if by applying the same formulas from the past, they could get different results.

At a time when being traditional is old-fashioned and being digital is out of fashion, media & meio blossoms, a post-digital agency, which is a miscellany of several things, but also something more. The essential question is, only and only, the ability to create and be better.